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First of all, we want to say that the Better Chests mod is so useful for players. Basically, this mod gives some new containers to Minecraft. Besides, this mod also features a nifty bag which has function like a chest. You can bring this bag in your inventory. Do you see the same with an Enderchest and in essence? Yep, it does. However, when installing this mod, you can bring up to two Enderchest
Today we introduce to you a map of PvP category … Very interesting and attractive, PvP is a quite common in world MCPE, if you are a longtime players then surely you can’t miss this map … The most attractive and interesting things will be replayed in this map, the longer you wait wait what? Please download this map quickly and enjoy it right now.

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I know it’s crazy to play this map of GTA San Andreas, Thismapand a copy of the PC map, clear map of gta sa was converted to MCPE is the same thing & Hunger Games to play with your friends this map is updated course to wheel in Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.13.1 .

Yes, now you can play on the map of san andreas a game that is very famous now in MCPE & MCPC!

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The first thing you will see is a witch hut at spawn. And if you are lucky, or really unlucky, the evil witch is already inside.
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